About Us

Jessie Shepherd
Owner and Founder of Amaranth + Artifact

Born and raised on a farm in rural Virginia, Jessie Shepherd moved to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for surf, sand and to marry her man. After 10+ years of living on the beach, she set out to make her college dreams of being a designer a reality. Thus Amaranth + Artifact was born.
Between sips of an iced Americano, Jessie dreams up wild event designs, while seeding Zinnia flowers and jamming out to the Alabama Shakes at full volume.

She is a whirlwind of passion, energy and equal parts curiosity, which makes for a fantastically charming interaction. When she is on the job you might find her sourcing out new rentals, lifting chairs above her head, designing new layouts or perusing textiles. She feels her favorite color, mustard yellow, deserves more attention and quite often will be wearing the color to show support. You can bet that after a long weekend of hauling furnishings, some good tunes and a salty martini is just her style.







A few words about the name.

“Growing flowers and vegetable gardens was always apart of my childhood. I have my favorite flower varieties and Amaranth is the most unique. The word ‘Amaranth’ was used to name an undying flower that was described as immortal, eternally beautiful, and of deep red-purple color. The definition resounded with me, as it is how I strive to live; brightly with unfading love. The second half of the name came to me after noticing my eclectic décor style. Artifacts and handcrafted treasures of bygone days decorate my walls. Almost every piece of furnishing and décor I have comes with a memory or a story.

The many various keys hanging within a frame belonged to my grandfather, the stump table was from a felled tree from my fathers and grandfathers farm where I grew up, the oil painting of a Dobro was painted by myself and gifted to my husband during my last year of college. All these artifacts I put on display to remind myself of their journey and story. In literal terms, the word Artifact is described as ‘An Object made by humans, with cultural and historical significance’.

Each furniture and décor piece I source comes with its own culture, history and story and I LOVE that. I feel our name {Amaranth + Artifact} has its own meaning; an eternal love for objects that have a story to tell.”